What we do

MKAIC will consist of various projects that will tackle the identified needs in different ways.


Doctors and nurses from Karolinska will work at Muhimbili for a period between 3 and 12 months. This will add to the number of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care practitioners at Muhimbili. Informal “bedside” teaching will improve knowledge and skills and a daily exchange of ideas will benefit both parties. In addition, having a staff member from Karolinska based at Muhimbili for extended periods will provide a stable base to establish the other projects, identify needs and solve problems.


A doctor or nurse from Karolinska will spend 3 months at Muhimbili and subsequently a doctor or nurse from Muhimbili will spend 3 months at Karolinska. These exchanges will consist of clinical work, bedside teaching and sharing of ideas and experience. The participants will be able to return home with new knowledge and enthusiasm and will impart what they have learned to their home department. The exchanges will be run as a “relay” exchange programme so that each participant is immediately replaced by a colleague.

Training courses

One week training courses will be held at Muhimbili for anaesthesia practitioners. Staff from both Karolinska and Muhimbili will be involved as trainers. New knowledge and skills will be imparted, and follow up and supervision will ensure that the new knowledge is put into practice.


Research projects will be started looking into the optimal ways of managing Anaesthesia and Intensive Care when resources are limited. Researchers at the two hospitals will work together, and as well as executing the research, the aim will be to build research capacity at Muhimbili through research training and experience.

Guidelines and raising awareness

As the MKAIC becomes more established, participants will become involved in developing management and clinical guidelines for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at Muhimbili. Raising awareness of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at the national policy level will be important, as will spreading the knowledge and experience gained to other regions and hospitals in Tanzania.

Equipment donations/purchasing

Equipment will be collected from Karolinska and other sources in Sweden and sent by container to Dar es Salaam. It will be ensured that the equipment is suitable for the situation at Muhimbili, that the staff at Muhimbili have requested it and are able to use it, and that there are established plans for maintenance and replacement.